Top 5 Glute Exercises for Women (DON’T SKIP THESE)


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If you’re looking for the best glute exercises for women, look no further. This butt workout is the best glute workout at gym for women, but you can also adapt it into a glute workout at home. Probably the best glute exercise is the High Step Up. Be sure to press through the heel to really hit the glutes as much as possible.

Then, we’ve all heard that the hip thrust is one of the best butt exercises for women, and I agree! I recommend you do these with a resistance band as I’m showing here.

But it’s important to do more than just front plane movements in your lower body workout. That’s why I’ve added the Lateral Resistance Band Steps into this butt workout. This way, your glutes get a little bit of lateral movement in their glute workouts as well.

The Reverse Glute Hyperextensions will incorporate not only your glutes, but also your low back into this lower body workout for women. The low back and glutes work together, so it’s important to work them together.

The other muscle that works closely with the glutes is the hamstrings. So the last of the booty exercises I’ve included in this glute workout for women is the Ham Curl w/Hip Raise.

Here are the exercises that make up these butt exercises for women:

1) High Step Up
2) Hip Thrusts w/Resistance Band
3) Lateral Resistance Band Steps
4) Reverse Glute Hyperextensions
5) Ham Curl w/Hip Raise

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